Just because you can’t take it with you …
Is no excuse to leave it such a mess.

Planning for Now

Planning for Now usually consists of 3 documents:  Durable Power of Attorney, Patient Advocate Designation, and Privacy Waiver.  These documents are only used during your lifetime.  You can appoint someone to take care of your personal business, someone to make medical decisions on your behalf, and also who can receive information about you from medical personnel.

Planning for Later

Planning for Later is making decisions about who will receive the assets you own after you’re gone.  If you have minor children, you must also decide who would be their legal guardian.  There are many options to consider, and everyone’s plan is different.  Planning generally includes some combination of Wills, Trusts, deeds, and beneficiary designations.

Diane Housley Peters

Diane Housley Peters

I graduated from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in January 1995 and I began my Estate Planning career in Marshall the following July. I originally wanted to be a prosecutor, but when I discovered Estate Planning, I fell in love with the idea of helping people to properly plan to take care of themselves and their loved ones. My office was located in downtown Marshall until 2006 when I moved to the west end of town.

I am married to Andrew and together we have 3 grown children and two grandchildren. We have two rescued pups that keep us on our toes – Bean and Oakley. We like to travel and to go on long bicycle rides. The most miles I’ve ridden in one day is 150 and my husband’s best is 200.


“Our experience with Diane was pleasant and professional. She made discussing and finalizing our Trust, Wills, and other documents as painless as possible. While this is a topic no one likes to think about, the peace of mind it brings to have it completed is worth it.”

“I’ve never needed an attorney before and called Diane when my mom became terminally ill. Diane was responsive to questions and took the time to make sure we had a full understanding of everything. Diane’s fees paid for themselves dozens of times over.”

“Diane is a meticulous and extremely professional attorney. She guided us through the entire process in a way that was easy for us to understand, and she moved everything along so quickly! We recommend her talents to anyone seeking help establishing or executing a Trust.”